Web3 ID Resolution

Yodl currently supports Web3 ID resolution for the following providers:

Yodl Links are native to the Yodl platform and under active development. A Yodl link consists of an EVM-compatible wallet address, a list of preferred chains, and preferred coins to receive. More details to come soon.


Yodl supports forward resolution of all ENS domains and subdomains to addresses and displays a user's avatar if defined in an Avatar record. Yodl currently only resolves to a user's configured Ethereum address and does not yet support multi-chain addresses.


Yodl supports the resolution the .box domain '.box' using standard ENS forward resolution.

Unstoppable Domains

Yodl supports the following top-level domains from Unstoppable Domains:

-> .crypto, .bitcoin, .blockchain, .unstoppable, .dao, .nft, .888, .wallet, .x, .klever, .hi, .kresus, .polygon, .anime, .manga, .binanceus, .go, .altimist, .pudgy, .austin, .bitget, .pog, .clay, .witg, .metropolis, .wrkx, .secret, .zil

Yodl displays the configured avatar for Unstoppable Domains user and resolves an Unstoppable Domain to the address registered for the domain owner.


Yodl supports the following top-level Web3 domains from Freename.io. The following Freename domains are currently supported:

-> .hodl, .metaverse, .token, .satoshi, .moon, .airdrop

Yodl will display an avatar if the freename domain has an Avatar record configured.

If the freename domain has an ETH token record, Yodl will use the address in that record. If no ETH Token record exists, Yodl will check for a MATIC Token record. If neither is present, Yodl will not resolve the freename domain.

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